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The company Cotunav (CTN-Compagnie Tunisienne de Navigation), based in Tunisia, since it began in March 1959, has met various strategic missions that enabled it to build an international reputation and recognition, all aimed at the economic development of Tunisia .

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Anticipating changes in global trade and shipping, Cotunav (CTN) launched since 1997 a program of action to meet the challenges of competition, to take the path of excellence and rise to the level of the best companies in the sector. Cotunav (CTN) aims to become one of the best shipowners in the Mediterranean specializing in transporting cargo ro-ro toward Tunisa with a modern and efficient fleet able to offer quality services in terms of frequency, regularity and treatment of goods. In addition, with the purchase of the ship "Carthage" Car-Ferry in June 1999, the company continued to improve the standard and comfort on board of its passengers ships to better serve its traditional customers in high season and develop tourism in low and mid season to Tunisa. Cotunav (CTN) has completed the modernization of the fleet with the purchase of the ship Tanit specially built behind construction specifications desired by the company.
Today Cotunav (CTN) is a reference point for connections to Tunisia with the ferries Tunisia for Genoa Tunis or with ferries Tunisia for Marseille Tunis .
On board of ferries Tunisia of Cotunav (CTN) friendly staff and excellent restaurants, bars and cafes, children`s play area, shops and swimming pool in summer.
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