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La Méridionale-Maritima Ferries (SNCM) is a main ferry company in passenger, vehicle and freight transportation in the Western Mediterranean and provides all year a service between France, Italy, Corsica and Sardinia, as well as connections by ferry to Tunisia and by ferry to Algeria. Certainly one of the best options for ferry crossings to Corsica, La Méridionale-Maritima Ferries (SNCM) operates more than 3,500 crossings a year with a full range of services to the Corsica island from Marseille and Nice to Bastia, Calvi, Ile Rousse, Ajaccio, Porto Vecchio and Propriano. La Meridionale-Maritima Ferries (SNCM) provides regular ferry crossings to Porto Torres (in Sardinia) from Marseille and Corsica (from Ajaccio and Propriano).

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La Méridionale-Maritima Ferries (SNCM) recently extended its offer until Tunisia and Algeria. By the new ship Danielle Casanova you can make the crossing to Tunisia in complete comfort starting from Marseille and Toulon. The number of trips to Algeria is increasing as well as the crossings by ferry between Marseille and Oran (overnight) and those from Skikda and Bejaja .

La Méridionale-Maritima Ferries (SNCM) flies the French flag on a fleet of 11 ships, made up of five cruise ferries, four mixed ships and two High Speed Vessels. The Cruise Ferries are high-capacity vessels for transporting passengers and vehicles on day or night crossings. Some are real cruise ferries (Napoléon Bonaparte and Danielle Casanova) with a wide range of services and installations that turn a simple ferry crossing into a real mini cruise with restaurants, nightclubs, piano bars, shops, games rooms, solariums, pools and Jacuzzi. The mixed ships are used for carrying passengers and freight between Marseille and Corsica on night crossings, these mixed ships are at the heart of our shipping service to Corsica. The high Speed ferries link Nice to Corsica on day crossings that take less than three hours. You travel in aircraft-type seats and will find bars, a fast-food restaurant and shop.
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