The Grimaldi Group (Naples), founded in 1945, currently owns one of the largest fleets of ro/ro multipurpose and car carrier vessels in the world. Besides being an international leader in the field of RO/RO transport, it has also an interest in passenger service on Autostrade del Mediterraneo: Grimaldi Lines , one of major sectors of the Group, is a Shipping Company which represents a solid reality in the field of international passenger maritime service.
Grimaldi Lines offers many maritime lines all year round, and onboard its vessels Florencia, Catania, Sorrento, Eurostar Barcelona, Cruise Roma e Cruise Barcelona it connects Italy, Spain, Corsica, France, Malta, Tunisia and Greece (thanks to Minoan Lines). For the year 2009 Grimaldi Group has introduced nine new lines on Autostrade del Mare, for passengers and freights. All new crossings can be purchased at “Low Cost” fare and will be serviced by 6 super cruise ferries of the Company, providing a wide range of facilities which are second to none. All of Grimaldi Lines ferries are large and spacious and offer facilities such as luxurious lounges, restaurants and bars, entertainment and leisure facilities, conference halls, children's play areas, outdoor deck spaces, swimming pools etc along with comfortable suite cabins and many other facilities..