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Vado Ligure (Savona)

Vado Ligure (Savona)

Information about Savona
Savona is an Italian municipality of 61 219 inhabitants, the capital of the homonymous province in Liguria. It is the third largest municipality in the region by population.
The city is located on the western Ligurian Riviera, near the mouths of the Letimbro and Quiliano, and at the junction of two motorways: the Autostrada dei Fiori connecting Genoa with Ventimiglia and the A6 Savona-Turin motorway.
The municipality is made up of the chief town and the following hamlets and localities: Bosco delle Ninfe, Ciantagalletto, Ciatti, Cimavalle, Conca Verde (Savona), Galleria Ranco, Church of Madonna del Monte (Savona), Marmorassi, Maschio, Montemoro, Naso di Cat, San Bartolomeo al Bosco (Savona), San Bernardo in Valle (Savona) and Santuario, Strà (Savona), for a territorial area of 65.55 km².
Borders: to the north with the municipality of Cairo Montenotte, to the east with Albisola Superiore and Albissola Marina, to the south with the Ligurian Sea, to the southwest with Vado Ligure, to the west with Quiliano, Altare and Cairo Montenotte.
It is about 35 km of motorway from Genoa (Prá) and just under 100 km from Sanremo.
The climate is temperate Mediterranean type with an initiation of continental influences towards the hinterland.
Summer is moderately warm, but almost never sultry. During the winter in Savona alternate periods with sunny days and not very low temperatures when Liguria is protected by the anticyclone of the Azores to other more rigid when low pressure is formed on the Gulf of Genoa. This baric configuration causes strong winds of dark tramontana and sometimes snowfall down to the coast.
As soon as the effects of the dark tramontana cease, the warm breezes of the deep Ligurian Sea take over and the temperatures in Savona return to more moderate values. Time is mild for most of the summer and spring.

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