Snav ferries to Croatie and Aeolian Islands

The ferry company SNAV links Italy and Croatia with connections by ferry to Croatia from Ancona to Split by fast ferry and cruise. The connections by ferry to the Aeolian Islands are realized from Naples by a fast catamaran that can reach the islands in a few hours.

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Snav is time

The Company Snav , has the fastest fleet in Europe. Hydrofoils and catamarans from 38 knots, travelling at about 70 km per hour. In this way you arrive first and there is more TIME for business and holidays.

Snav is service

Snav ensures a wide-ranging SERVICE in the Mediterranean, connecting Italy to Croatia, Naples to the islands, and Sicily to Lazio and Campania.

Snav is super cruise

The high speed Craft that in the Adriatic link Pescara and Ancona to Croatia , offer even more: they are equipped to carry cars, buses, motorcycles, campers, boats on trailers as all CRUISE FERRIES, but more quickly.

SNAV is Award

Ever lower costs for those who buy in advance as AWARD for those who book before. Just consult the opportunities. Rates and offers always aimed at facilitating families, young people, who travels and who works.