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The ferry company SNAV links Italy and Croatia with connections by ferry to Croatia from Ancona to Split by fast ferry and cruise. The connections by ferry to the Aeolian Islands are realized from Naples by a fast catamaran that can reach the islands in a few hours.

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SNAV is the leading shipping company in the Mediterranean, ensuring a pleasant and safe journey to and from all the destinations reached by its vessels. SNAV routes connect Naples with the islands of the Gulf every day, all year round, with the frequency and punctuality of metropolitan transport, Ancona with Split from March to November, reaching the most beautiful and evocative coasts and cities of Croatia, Naples with the splendid Aeolian islands from May to September.
The SNAV fleet consists of hydrofoils, catamarans, fast ships and ro-ro ferries, on board of which navigation is always fast and comfortable. The captains, officers and crew are selected from among the most experienced and reliable. The vessels are serviced daily ashore and continuously on board to ensure the safety that only large fleets can boast. On board the cruise ferries that provide transport to and from Croatia, it is possible to taste the gastronomic specialities of Mediterranean cuisine at the tables of the Self Service Restaurants, at prices that are always convenient.

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