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Why visit Ireland?

The Republic of Ireland occupies about 85% of the island 's land area and borders the United Kingdom by land via one of its constituent nations, Northern Ireland. Choosing Ireland for a holiday means immersing yourself in the most unspoiled and wild nature, in all its shades of green. A magical place where history blends with popular legends about fairies and elves living on the island. Its capital, Dublin, is home to the oldest and most prestigious university in the world, Trinity College, and the most important Protestant church in Ireland, St Patrick's Cathedral, a true Gothic jewel. Dublin is also famous for its pub district, the Temple Bar, where you can taste the most famous dark beer in the world, the Guinness, to which the Guinness Storehouse has been dedicated which has the shape of a pint: seven floors in which it is possible to discover all the secrets of this drink produced right here! Very interesting to visit are the cities of Galway, Cork, Limerick and Waterford with its glassware active since 1700. Here too there is no shortage of ancient castles such as Kilkenny Castle, famous for its immense and well-kept park. Ireland is easily accessible by ferry from France.

How can you reach Ireland by ferry?

Major ferry connections to Ireland depart from and arrive at Dublin Port. The Irish Ferries Company connects France with Ireland on the Cherbourg-Dublino route.

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