Grimaldi Lines Sicily - Sardinia - Spain - Tunis- Marocco - Greece

Super offers: Grimaldi Lines launches ferry promotions last minute and with limited availability, to be seized immediately! Departures from Livorno and Civitavecchia, Salerno, and Savona with the special rate for Sardinia and other destinations. The connections are made on the following routes Civitavecchia-Barcelona, Barcelona-Savona, Civitavecchia-Olbia, Livorno-Olbia, Barcelona-Porto Torres, Salerno-Palermo, Livorno and Palermo, Civitavecchia-Tunis, Napoli-Cagliari, Cagliari-Palermo, Civitavecchia-Porto Torres, Tunis-Salerno, Palermo- Tunis, Savona-Tangier, Barcelona-Tangier, Brindisi-Patras, Brindisi-Igoumenitsa .

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Two links are indirect, the first is for travel in ferry Civitavecchia - Barcelona with a stop in Barcellona and form this port there's a connection with one ofe the other company availabel in our reservation system to Tangier allowing to reach Morocco. The ticket price of Grimaldi Lines Civitavecchia - Barcelona is extremely affordable and competitive with the low cost ferry through the offers . During the summer the second connection with stop is done by the ferry from Civitavecchia to Barcelona with stop in Porto Torres allowing those who want to get to Sardinia to arrive directly to PortoTorres exploiting the connection Civitavecchia-Porto Torres . The connection also provides the ability to start from Sardinia and to make by ferry the crossing Porto Torres-Barcelona reaching Spain by ferry.
Grimaldi Lines , one of the sections of the Group Grimaldi , is a Shipping Company which represents a solid reality in the field of international maritime passenger transport. The company offers trips throughout the year, with his ships Cruise Roma and Cruise Barcelona, Florencia, Catania, linking Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Sardinia, Sicily and Greece.In an historic move, starting from January 2009, the Grimaldi Group has announced the simultaneous opening of new motorways of the sea for passengers with Grimaldi Lines and for goods with Grimaldi Freight . The new connections will be managed from Grimaldi Lines with the formula "Low Cost" with comfortable and modern ships, with cabins and suites with all the facilities for passengers and comfortable armchairs. Book Grimaldi Lines to Spain - Tunisia -Marocco - Sicily - Sardinia - Greece in a few clicks and leave immediately for the holidays!
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