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Palermo ► Tunis
Grimaldi Lines, ship MV_CATANIA
Mar 05/21 02:30
11h 30m
Civitavecchia ► Tunis
Grimaldi Lines, ship MV_CATANIA
Wed 05/22 20:00
18h 30m
Civitavecchia ► Tunis
Grandi Navi Veloci, ship GNV SPIRIT
Fri 05/24 19:30
Salerno ► Tunis
Grimaldi Lines, ship MV_CATANIA
Fri 05/24 20:00
27h 30m
Palermo ► Tunis
Grimaldi Lines, ship MV_CATANIA
Sat 05/25 10:30
Palermo ► Tunis
Grandi Navi Veloci, ship GNV SPIRIT
Sat 05/25 12:30
Genoa ► Tunis
Grandi Navi Veloci, ship Majestic
Sat 05/25 16:00
25h 30m
Genoa ► Tunis
CTN Cotunav, ship Tanit
Sat 05/25 17:00
Salerno ► Tunis
Grimaldi Lines, ship MV_CATANIA
Mon 05/27 13:15
24h 45m
Palermo ► Tunis
Grimaldi Lines, ship MV_CATANIA
Mar 05/28 02:30
11h 30m

Ferries Italy-Tunisia and France-Tunisia

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Ports of Tunisia

Tunisia, the jewel of the Mediterranean with its golden beaches, historic cities, and a unique mix of Arab and Mediterranean culture, is easily accessible through various ports. These ports connect Tunisia to Europe, making them ideal access points to explore the country's various wonders. Here are the Tunisian ports to get there by ferry:

Port of Tunis, La Goulette

Located near the capital, Tunis, the Port of La Goulette is one of Tunisia's main maritime gateways. Modern and well-organized, it facilitates connections between Tunisia and major European cities, ensuring comfortable and timely journeys. Ferries departing for the Port of Tunis can be found in Italy, in the cities of Genoa, Civitavecchia, Salerno, and Palermo. The sailing time to Tunis varies based on the departure port: from Genoa, the trip can last about 24 hours, while from Palermo it takes around 10 hours. Ticket prices vary based on the season, route, and type of accommodation chosen. For instance, a trip from Palermo to Tunis can start at 50€ for a person on the deck passage, while for a family of 4 people, prices can range from 120€ to 200€ for cabin accommodations.

Port of Zarzis

The Port of Zarzis is located in the south of the country, offering easy access to the stunning beaches and Tunisian deserts. Due to its strategic location, it's a key point for routes between Tunisia and Europe, especially for arriving by ferry or ship from Italy and France. To reach the port of Zarzis, you can depart from the port of Marseille, France, with ships serving this route. The travel time varies between 24 and 30 hours, depending on the weather conditions and the chosen service. The ticket price for one person starts at 250€, while for a family of 4 the price can range from 800€ to over 1000€, depending on the chosen accommodation. If you wish to travel from France to Tunisia with your car, camper, or motorcycle, the additional cost for vehicle transportation can vary between 50€ and 100€, depending on the vehicle's size and model.

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Why visit Tunisia?

Tunisia combines the past and present, ancient and modern. This North African country is rich in history and tradition. Its territory offers relaxation on its white sandy beaches bordering the crystal-clear sea, challenging desert expeditions, walks through the narrow streets of cities full of the scents of traditional cuisine and colored by famous Tunisian crafts, and a journey through history visiting the Medina with its renowned mosques and fortresses.

How to get to Tunisia by Ferry from Italy and France?

To reach Tunis by ferry, you can depart from the Italian ports of Palermo, Salerno, Civitavecchia and Genoa. If you're in France, you can depart from Marseille to the port of Zarzis, in the South of Tunisia.

How long does it take to reach Tunisia by Ferry?

The crossing on the Civitavecchia-Tunis route varies from a minimum of 18 hours to a maximum of 28 hours depending on the chosen shipping company. It has a bi-weekly frequency and is served by GNV and Grimaldi companies. The connection on the Palermo-Tunis route lasts 12 hours and is typically served on Tuesdays and Saturdays by the same companies. The Salerno-Tunis connection operated by Grimaldi runs twice a week, lasting between 22 to 27 hours. The Genoa-Tunis crossing with GNV lasts approximately 24-26 hours, while with Cotunav, you can reach Tunis from Genoa in 24 hours.

How much is the ferry ticket to Tunisia?

The price of the ferry ticket to Tunisia varies depending on the route, season, and shipping company. On average, for an adult, the cost of a one-way ticket can range between 70€ and 150€, depending on your seating choice: seat, cabin, or deck passage. If you decide to bring your car on board, the cost can vary between 80€ and 200€, depending on the vehicle's size and the company. If you're planning a family holiday, a package for four people (two adults and two children), including the car, can cost between 400€ and 800€, depending on the time of year and onboard accommodation. It's always recommended to compare different offers and book in advance to get the best prices.

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If you're looking for a ferry to Tunisia, compare prices and schedules for ferries online: ferries to Tunisia with the Companies Grandi Navi Veloci, Grimaldi Lines, and CTN Cotunav. Booking ferry tickets with the best offer for Tunisia is quick and easy. In just a few clicks, you'll be ready to embark on your dream vacation, discovering the extraordinary charm of Tunisia. All departures are bi-weekly from major ports like Genoa with the ferries Genoa-Tunis, from Civitavecchia with the ferries Civitavecchia-Tunis, from Palermo with the ferries Palermo-Tunis, and from Salerno with the ferries Salerno-Tunis.


Companies that cover the destination: Tunisia

Grandi Navi Veloci, Corsica Linea, CTN Cotunav, Grimaldi Lines

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