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Mostaganem ► Valencia
Balearia, ship Bahama Mama
Sun 03/03 18:30
19h 30m
Marseille ► Algiers
Corsica Linea, ship Jean Nicoli
Mar 03/05 10:00
Almeria ► Oran
Naviera Armas, ship SIN DESIGNAR
Mar 03/05 23:59
8h 1m
Algiers ► Marseille
Corsica Linea, ship Jean Nicoli
Wed 03/06 13:00
Oran ► Almeria
Naviera Armas, ship SIN DESIGNAR
Wed 03/06 22:00
10h 1m
Almeria ► Ghazaouet
Naviera Armas, ship VOLCAN DE TIMANFAYA
Fri 03/08 23:59
9h 1m
Valencia ► Mostaganem
Balearia, ship Bahama Mama
Sat 03/09 18:30
14h 30m
Ghazaouet ► Almeria
Naviera Armas, ship VOLCAN DE TIMANFAYA
Sat 03/09 20:00
11h 1m
Mostaganem ► Valencia
Balearia, ship Bahama Mama
Sun 03/10 18:30
19h 30m
Almeria ► Oran
Naviera Armas, ship SIN DESIGNAR
Mar 03/12 23:59
8h 1m

Ferries from Italy, France, and Spain to Algeria

Compare prices, choose your route, and book your ticket for an extraordinary adventure to Algeria. On Ferriesonline.com, you'll find the most advantageous offers from major ferry companies.

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Algerian Ports to Arrive by Ferry

Algeria, a captivating Mediterranean nation with its breathtaking coasts, historically-rich cities, and vibrant culture, is easily accessible through various ports connecting the country to Italy, France, and Spain. Here are the main ports in Algeria for arriving by ferry.

Port of Algiers

The Port of Algiers, located in the heart of the Algerian capital, is a hub for travelers between Europe and North Africa. Due to its central location, it's an excellent choice for those coming from both France and Spain. If you wish to reach Algiers, you can depart from the port of Marseille. The journey typically takes around 20 hours, depending on weather conditions. A standard ticket costs about €130 for one person, while for a family of four, the price ranges between €460 and €600. If you plan to bring a vehicle, the cost varies between €70 and €120 depending on its size and model.

Port of Oran

The Port of Oran, one of Algeria's busiest ports, is located on the northwestern coast. Given its location, it's perfect for travelers between Spain and Algeria. From Almeria, the ferry to Oran takes about 9 hours. A ticket for one person starts at €100, while a family of 4 can expect to pay between €360 and €480. Transporting a vehicle adds a cost of €60-€110.

Port of Ghazaouet

Located near the border with Morocco, Ghazaouet is a significant port for travelers. Ferries from Almeria are frequent, and the travel time is around 8 hours. A single ticket costs about €90, while a family of four will pay between €320 and €440. Bringing a vehicle adds an expense of €50-€90.

Port of Bejaia

Bejaia, on Algeria's northern coast, offers stunning views of the Mediterranean. From Marseille, the crossing takes about 22 hours. Prices start at €110 for one person, while a family of 4 will spend between €390 and €520. An additional fee for a vehicle is €65-€105.

Port of Skikda

Skikda is known for its beaches and rich history. With a journey of around 24 hours from Marseille, it's a popular destination. A standard ticket costs about €120, while a family of 4 will pay between €430 and €560. If you wish to bring a vehicle, additional costs range from €70 to €110.

Port of Mostaganem

Located between Oran and Algiers, Mostaganem is a versatile access port. The journey from Valencia takes about 16 hours. Prices start at €105 for an individual, and for a family of four, they range between €370 and €500. Transporting a vehicle can cost between €60 and €100.

Algeria Ferry Offers

Compare schedules, prices, and offers and purchase your ticket to reach Algeria by ferry.

Why visit Algeria?

Algeria offers a unique blend of landscapes: from Mediterranean beaches to the majestic Atlas mountains, to the vast expanse of the Sahara. Visit ancient Roman ruins, explore lively markets, or immerse yourself in Berber culture. Each region has something unique to offer.

How to reach Algeria by ferry from Italy, France, and Spain?

With Ferriesonline.com, you can depart from major ports in Genoa and Marseille and from several Spanish ports such as Alicante and Almeria. Sail to major Algerian cities like Algiers, Oran, and Skikda with top ferry companies like Algerie Ferries-SNCM.

How long does it take to reach Algeria by ferry?

The crossing time varies depending on the route and the company. For instance, the El Djazair II ferry, connecting Genoa to Skikda, mainly operates in the summer months. Through Ferriesonline.com, you can get all the details about travel times and frequencies.

How much is a ferry ticket to Algeria?

The price of the ferry ticket to Algeria depends on the route, the season, and the shipping company. On Ferriesonline.com, you can easily compare all options and choose the one that suits you best.

Want to save on your booking to Algeria?

Looking for a ferry to Algeria? Compare prices and schedules on Ferriesonline.com thanks to companies like Algerie Ferries-SNCM. Book your ticket at the best price and start your adventure to enchanting Algeria.


Companies that cover the destination: Algeria

Balearia, Algerie Ferries-SNCM, Corsica Linea, Naviera Armas

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