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Eckero Line operates crossings on the Tallinn - Helsinki route offering a fast, comfortable and safe connection between the capitals of Estonia and Finland. Compare timetables, prices and buy your Eckero ferry tickets online or with our call centre!

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On board Ekero Ferries you can enjoy the maximum comfort with entertainment areas, bars, restaurants, shops and live music. In addition to the comfortable armchairs, on Ekero Ferries there are private cabins available in both inside and sea view cabins. All cabins have bunk beds for up to 4 passengers, a bathroom with separate toilet and shower.
There is no extra charge for pets, but space for the animal must be booked in advance. Small pets in a cage or carrying bag may be brought onto the passenger premises with the exception of the restaurant and bar areas, Convention Centre and Lounge. Larger animals travel in your car on the car deck or, optionally, in a special pet cabin that must be booked separately. The availability of places for pets is limited. There is a dog sandbox on the outside deck.

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