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Why visit Sweden?

Sweden is the largest of the Scandinavian countries. It borders Norway and Finland, and is connected to Denmark via the Öresund bridge (Öresundsbron). Few European nations offer a variety of landscapes and a wealth of traditions comparable to those of Sweden. From snow-capped boreal forests to vast grasslands, from thousands of islands along the coast to inland lakes. From modern and technological Stockholm to villages with typical wooden houses painted in white and red. Here the seasons matter. In summer, with the sun that never seems to set, Swedes and tourists devote themselves to life in nature, indulging in long hours of trekking, sailing and many other sports. Winter, with its long dark nights and heavy snowfalls, is the time for ice fishing, skiing and snowshoeing. Stockholm, the Ice Queen, is a major tourist attraction with its prestigious museums and royal buildings. But it is also a city with a pleasant nightlife and renowned ethnic restaurants. No less interesting are the smaller Gothenburg (UNESCO world heritage), Malmö, Uppsala and the Nordic Kiruna. Among the unmissable experiences, let's not forget the possibilities of taking long boat trips among the archipelagos of the Baltic Sea. Sweden is well connected by ferry with all neighboring countries such as Germany, Norway, Finland, the Aland Islands, Estonia and Latvia.

How can you reach Sweden by ferry?

Major ferry connections to Sweden depart from and arrive at the ports of Stockholm, Malmö, Strömstad and Kapellskär. Germany and Sweden are connected with the Malmo-Travemuende route by Finnlines. The company FjordLine operates the connections to Norway from the ports of Stroemstad-Sandefjord. For Finland it is possible to move on the Stockholm-Helsinki route or between Stockholm-Turku with the Tallink Silja Line. Alternatively there is the connection of the Finnlines Kapellskar-Naantali, or Kapellskar-Langnas to visit the archipelago of the Aland Islands, also reachable from Stockholm-Mariehamn. Tallink Silja Lines also connects Estonia and Latvia to Sweden with the Stockholm-Tallin and Stockholm-Riga lines.

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