Finnlines Ferries from Germany to Finland, Sweden and Russia

Travels to Northern Europe with Finnlines by checking on our website the schedule of departures and low cost fares from Germany to northern Europe, with links Germany Finland and Germany Sweden , as well as Sweden Finland with stop in Aland Islands . Some of the routes taken by Finnlines Northern Europe ferries departing from Germany are: Travemünde - Helsinki and Travemünde - Malmo (Sweden).

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Other crossings of Finnlines Northern Europe ferries leaving from Finland are: Naantali - Kapellskär (Sweden) with stop at Langnas (Aland Islands). The Northern Europe passengers and goods ferries travel all the year in both directions, covering the most important connection between Germany and Finland . Ships carry on these routes of Northern Europe both goods and passengers, with a high standard of comfort comparable to conventional Northern Europe ferries. Between autumn 2006 and spring 2007 Finnlines operates with two types of Northern Europe ferry: Hansa class, which can carry 114 passengers and the new Star class ferries, with a carrying capacity of 500 persons. On request the possibility of buying "Meal packages" on board. Star Class Finnlines ships have cabins with connecting door for up to 6 people. All cabins have private facilities, satellite TV, phone and hairdryer. Traveling with Finnlines Northern Europe ferries you can also land in Finland and continue your journey by car to North Cape: a wonderfull destination. Finnlines takes you in Northern Europe by ferry !! Book your Northern Europe ferry Finnlines on

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