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Piombino ► Portoferraio
Toremar, ship Marmorica
Wed 06/26 05:30
Piombino ► Portoferraio
Moby Lines - Moby, ship MOBY KISS
Wed 06/26 06:00
Piombino ► Portoferraio
Blu Navy, ship BluNavy
Wed 06/26 06:15
Piombino ► Portoferraio
Toremar, ship Oglasa
Wed 06/26 06:30
Piombino ► Portoferraio
Moby Lines - Moby, ship MOBY NIKI
Wed 06/26 07:30
Piombino ► Portoferraio
Blu Navy, ship BluNavy
Wed 06/26 08:15
Piombino ► Rio Marina
Toremar, ship Bellini
Wed 06/26 08:20
0h 45m
Piombino ► Cavo
Toremar, ship Schiopparello Jet
Wed 06/26 08:40
0h 15m
Piombino ► Portoferraio
Toremar, ship Schiopparello Jet
Wed 06/26 08:40
0h 40m
Piombino ► Portoferraio
Elba Ferries, ship EXPRESS
Wed 06/26 08:45
0h 45m

Elba Island Ferries 2024

Booking your discounted tickets to travel by ferry to Elba Island is simple and convenient through Ferriesonline.com. With just a few clicks, you can select your route, choose the departure date, and compare prices from the best maritime companies on a single site. Take advantage of currently active offers and promotions to secure your discounted tickets to Elba Island and book at the best price with just a few easy steps.

Elba, nestled in the waters of the Mediterranean off the coast of Tuscany, welcomes you with its golden beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and rich history that permeates every corner of the island. Thanks to an extensive network of maritime connections offered by renowned companies such as Moby, Toremar, Elba Ferries, Corsica Ferries, and Blu Navy, reaching Elba Island by ferry is easier than ever. With our comparison systems and the comfortable onboard services of the shipping companies, all passengers can count on a safe and enjoyable travel experience as they head to this beautiful destination.

Whether you're planning a relaxing beach vacation or an exploratory adventure through the hills and villages of the island, ferries to Elba Island are the perfect way to start your experience in the heart of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Compare fares and book your trip to Elba Island on Ferriesonline.com to ensure the best available price.

Elba Ferries: Ports and Routes

Elba Island is reachable from Italy through the ports of Portoferraio, Cavo, and Rio Marina. Among the most important routes are connections from Piombino to Portoferraio and from Piombino to Rio Marina. These routes are operated by renowned companies such as Moby, Toremar, and Elba Ferries, ensuring comfortable and reliable journeys.

Additionally, it's possible to reach Elba Island from Corsica, the French island, through the Bastia-Portoferraio route offered by Corsica Ferries. This connection allows travelers to explore both the beauty of Elba Island and the picturesque atmosphere of Corsica in one trip.

Finally, we mention the Portoferraio-Cavo line, an internal route on the island, ideal for exploring different locations on Elba. The average travel time is about 30 minutes, and ferry prices on this route are approximately €15-25 for a one-way trip.

Once you disembark on Elba Island, you'll find yourself immersed in a world of natural and cultural wonders. The island boasts a variety of stunning landscapes, from golden sandy beaches to rocky coves framed by crystal-clear waters. Nature lovers can explore scenic trails winding through green hills and Mediterranean maquis forests, while history enthusiasts can visit ancient villages and archaeological sites that narrate the island's millennia-old history.

One of the most iconic attractions of Elba Island is undoubtedly Napoleon's Villa in Portoferraio, the emperor's residence during his exile. This sumptuous residence offers a fascinating insight into Napoleon's life and the history of the island during the 19th century.

Elba Island Ferries: Prices and Offers 2024

But how much does the ticket cost? Prices for ferries to Elba Island can vary depending on the maritime company, the season, and the chosen onboard accommodation, such as deck passage, reclining seat, or internal and external cabins. However, it's possible to find affordable fares and special offers by booking in advance and taking advantage of promotions active on different routes.

For example, the ferry line connecting Piombino to Portoferraio has an average cost ranging between €25 and €50 per person, making it one of the most popular routes to Elba. The distance between these two ports is approximately 22 kilometers, and the average travel time to reach Elba Island by ferry is about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Maritime companies serving the destination of Elba Island periodically offer discounts and deals to make the journey even more accessible to travelers. All promotions are active on Ferriesonline.com: compare fares on our price comparison platform and book the most convenient solution!

Book Tickets on Ferriesonline.com

Preparing for a ferry trip to Elba Island is simple and convenient. Visit the Ferriesonline.com website or the websites of the shipping companies operating on the desired route, enter your travel dates, and book your tickets online in just a few easy steps. Compare fares, choose the solution that best suits your needs, and get ready for an unforgettable experience on Elba Island. Bon voyage!


Companies that cover the destination: Elba Island

Moby Lines - Moby, Toremar, Elba Ferries, Corsica Ferries, Blu Navy

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