What is a Non-Real-Time Company?

It is a shipping company that is not connected in real time with our servers. If you choose to book with an offline company, our system will record your request and our operators will contact the company in order to issue your ticket. Reservation requests are processed as soon as possible if they are submitted during the opening hours of our center, which means that the entire process can take less than 30 minutes and up to a maximum of 24 hours. Our operators will always answer by e-mail. If you choose to pay by credit card or PayPal you will not be charged of any amount until your ticket has been issued.

How can I pay the tickets?

You can pay your trip by bank transfer, Pay pal or credit card (the web-site is protected by Secure site certificate). The payment conditions are at the end of data insertion.

Until when can I book?

If it is Saturday, Sunday bookings cannot be made for offline companies such as: Caremar, Balearia, SNCM, Fjordline, Corsica Maritima, Smyril, Traghetti Ponza and Virtu Ferries. For the above mentioned companies, requests cannot be made the night before for the next day's departure early in the morning. For all other companies, reservations can be made 24 / 24h with payment by credit card, PayPal and online bank transfer. This type of booking does not require operator control. All bookings for offline companies must be verified and re-checked by an operator to avoid inaccuracies in the entries made online at the time of your booking.

Age to be indicated when booking

Age to be indicated when booking. It is important to enter the right age of each passenger. Putting the exact age in the system allows it to calculate the correct fees according to the age brackets provided by each individual company. By age we mean the years already completed at the time of the outward journey. E.g. A passenger who is born on the 20.06.2010 and travels on the 15.10.2023, must indicate 13 years of age. For children under one year, indicate years 0.

Plate number of your car

If you don't know the plate number of your car at the moment of reservation, you can just enter RENTAL or NA - for not available - in the "Plate" field. Alternatively, by clicking on the "Plate ... rental car?" link, the field will be filled in automatically.

Ticket delivery
Tickets will be send by email.
Can I book with a commercial vehicle?

On our system it is not possible to book any type of commercial vehicle, this possibility is only left to the call centre which will be able to check if the company you are interested in can be booked through Ferriesonline.com.

What are the booking confirmation times?

Booking requests are processed as soon as possible if they are submitted during the opening time of our center, which means that it can take less than 30 minutes and up to a maximum of 24 hours. All our communications will be sent by e-mail from our operators. For the "Buy direct" companies, your ticket is immediately issued if you choose to pay by credit card or PayPal.

Pets on board

You can bring you pet on all ships, however there are some restrictions: they cannot enter the dining rooms and cabins. There are many companies that offer cabins for pets, we invite you to select that type of cabins among those available. If it is not available, it can be requested by calling our reservation center during the opening hours at (+44) 2039208935. For the other companies, pet will be accomodated in the on-board kennels in special cages. It is not possible to leave the animals in the car during the crossing.

What if I have a different number of people/vehicles on the outward and return journey?

On our online system it is not possible to book a different number of people or vehicles between the outward and return journey, so two separate bookings must be made.

The site is secure? The information on my credit card and personal details are protected? Use the Visa or Mastercard secure code?

Are you looking for the best online site to buy a ferry ticket for your holiday? Here you are! Ferriesonline.com is a secure site protected by Alpha, a company specialised in information security for e-commerce sites. Credit card transactions are carried out using Banca Sella with "secure code" certification, a security service that protects the cardholder against any unauthorised online transactions. Activation procedures vary depending on the card issuer and generally consist of choosing a password to be used for Internet purchases. We therefore invite you to contact your bank's customer service department or your local branch. If you have forgotten your Visa or Mastercard "secure code", please contact your bank's customer service department or contact your reference branch.

Booking fees and ancillary costs

The commission paid to Ferriesonline.com under the heading "booking fees" refers to the fee received for the administrative costs of handling the practice. Since this is remuneration for an intermediation service resulting from a mandate relationship, it is not subject to any reimbursement in case of withdrawal, even following rectification or cancellation made by the company. Ancilliary costs (e.g. cancellation guarantee) are not refundable in case of withdrawal as they are issued and paid to the companies providing the service. It follows that the refund will be calculated only on the portion of the ticket.

Refunds for late ship arrival/departure

Refunds must be requested by registered mail always and only to the shipping company according to the passenger's rights (European regulation 1177/2010) using the appropriate form prepared by the Company (if prepared): - in situations of delayed arrival or cancellation of the journey exceeds 90 minutes: reimbursement or re-protection guarantee, adequate assistance (which includes snacks, meals, drinks or sooner hotel accommodation with financial coverage up to 80 euros per night for a maximum of 3 nights). In case of delay on arrival or cancellation of the trip: compensation between 25 and 50% of the ticket price of the delayed or canceled journey. the Minimum 25% reimbursement is granted if the ship has a delay of at least three hours in a regular scheduled service that takes between 8 and 24 hours of travel. If the delay exceeds double the indicated time by three hours, the reimbursement rises to 50% of the ticket price. the financial compensation is made within one month of the presentation of the relevant application. The financial compensation can be made through vouchers or other services if the conditions are flexible, in particular as regards the period of validity and the destination. The financial compensation is made at the request of the passenger. The financial compensation granted to the ticket price is not subject to deductions of costs related to the financial transaction such as taxes, telephone charges or stamp duties. The carrier may set a minimum threshold below which no reimbursement takes place and which cannot exceed 6.00 euros. The reimbursement provisions are without prejudice to the right of passengers to apply to the courts for reimbursements related to losses due to cancellation or delays in transport services. Specific assistance must be granted to disabled people or those with reduced mobility both on the port term and on board the ship.

I seem to have performed well the reservation and payment online, but I have not received any reply. What can I do?

It is necessary to contact the call center on +44 2039208935 or send an e-mail to support@ferrioesonline.com, reporting the reservation number indicated at the time of the online confirmation and the surname of the passenger. An operator will provide you with information on the status of the reservation and will send you the tickets to the e-mail address indicated during the booking process, if it was successful. Otherwise, the operator will re-book or contact you to solve the problem. On closing days, all reports that will be sent exclusively via e-mail to support@ferrioesonline.com will be verified by our staff during the day as indicated above, proceeding with checking the status of the reservation, sending the ticket by e-mail or in case of problems by contacting the customer to solve the problem. Reports sent by e-mail during the night will be examined the next morning.

Identity document requested during the booking process

In the purchase phase you must enter your ID. For those who do not have one at the reservation stage, a fictitious document number can be entered in the required field: i.e. "Identity card" insert number 0 and 31/12/2023 as the expiration date or press on the "Document Number ... Still waiting for your passport?" button for automatic filling in. You must inform us of the document number and its expiry date as soon as you have it.


TERM AND CONDITIONS The service is managed by Ferriesonline.com di F. & F. Srl, as agent of the indicated Companies and is carried out exclusively as intermediaries between the User and the Company.
CONDITIONS OF RESERVATION The following terms and conditions apply to all of our booking services provided through this site, whether used online, through any mobile device, by email or by telephone. Please read the terms carefully before making a reservation. In the event that the User does not want to accept, in whole or in part, the conditions of Ferriesonline.com, he will not be able to use our services. The forwarding of the booking request presupposes the acknowledgment and acceptance of the regulation and the conditions of sale and transport of the chosen shipping company.
RESERVATION It is possible to book on the website or by telephone at the times indicated on the Homepage. The answers with the relative amount / availability will be sent by e-mail as soon as possible. Clearly, everything expressed is respected according to the opening hours of our offices. The service offered is not subject to the Law Decree 22/05/1999 n. 185 concerning distance contracts, as per Art. 7 - paragraph b) "Exclusions": "To contracts for the supply of services relating to accommodation, transport, catering, leisure, when at the time of the conclusion of the contract, the supplier undertakes to provide these services on a specific date or in a predetermined period ". The booking system allows you to change any errors before sending the request. Therefore, please check the accuracy of the data provided. Special requests such as PMR assistance, must be communicated first in order to verify that the chosen trip meets your needs. In the event that a vehicle is included in the booking as a private car, but in reality it turns out to be a commercial vehicle, the User will be charged the full rate by the Company and / or the transport may be refused without any refund. The baggage travels at the risk of the customer and any loss / damage cannot be attributed to the responsibility of Ferriesonline.com. The shipping company must always be contacted and will respond according to its own transport regulations for passengers, vehicles and goods transported. The booking is contextual to the ticket issue, therefore the booking and the ticket issue can be made ONLY upon receipt of the payment (a copy of the payment by e-mail or fax is required, with care of the User in verifying receipt of what has been sent) or receipt of the credit card number, subject to availability (otherwise the amount paid will be refunded). The forwarding of the booking request does not imply the automatic assignment of the seat which must be confirmed by one of our operators subject to availability. The procedure described above applies to all companies marked with the "Offline" logo or to companies that are not connected in real time with our system. For Companies with real-time purchases, payment by credit card or other direct forms will result in the automatic purchase of the ticket, with forwarding via SMS and via e-mail to the e-mail address indicated within a few minutes time of the transaction. An email will also be sent from the Bank certifying the payment. For purchases made with bank transfer payment methods, the ticket will be issued only upon receipt of the payment accountant. In this case, the ticket will be sent to you by e-mail, unless otherwise indicated, only after the bank transfer has been credited to the account. If the situation of availability or price is no longer identical to that of the online quote, our Operators will propose an alternative through a new quote, which the customer can accept or reject. In case of non-acceptance, a refund of any amount paid will be made and without any deduction. ONLY reservations with immediate payment are accepted until the morning of the day of departure (Saturday / Sunday and holidays excluded). Tickets received in the form of tkt e-mail, must be presented at boarding for the normal check-in procedures. Those who show up without or partially provided with travel documentation will be asked, directly by the Shipping Company, to pay the ticket again. No responsibility can be attributed to Ferriesonline.com in case of failure or partial presentation of the travel documents upon boarding. Tickets must be checked IMMEDIATELY by the customer upon receipt and any inaccuracies or errors must be communicated urgently to Ferriesonline.com by e-mail. ANY PAGE PRINTED FROM THE INTERNET SITE SCREENS DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A TRANSPORT DOCUMENT OR A BOOKING CONFIRMATION FOR ANY SHIPPING COMPANY. It is the User's obligation to inquire with the competent Authorities on the provisions adopted by the Government regarding COVID-19, on the documents necessary to make the trip and on the local provisions relating to the stay on the booked destination (limitations or prohibitions of disembarkation and / or circulation of vehicles provided for by municipal ordinances or by the laws in force). Ferriesonline.com will therefore not be responsible for failure to meet the requirements required by local authorities. ATTENTION: ON BOARDING ALL PASSENGERS (INCLUDING CHILDREN AND INFANTS) WILL BE REQUIRED A DOCUMENT IN THE COURSE OF VALIDITY (IDENTITY CARD OR, WHERE MANDATORY, PASSPORT). Otherwise, travelers may not be boarded. The driving license is not a valid document for expatriation. The names on travelers' documents must match those indicated on the booking confirmation. Ferriesonline.com will not be responsible for any refusal of boarding by the shipping company due to incorrect or invalid documentation.
PAYMENT CREDIT CARD If there is a difference in tariffs between the quoted price and the real price of a maximum of 5 Euros due to rounding or changes in taxes, the ticket will still be issued. ATTENTION: The amount relating to this order will be charged to your credit card only after verification of the actual availability of the requested service. Until that moment the order request cannot be considered a definitive confirmation of the reservation. Otherwise, no amount will be charged and you will be promptly informed of the variation / cancellation of the order (purchase defined as "offline"). CREDIT CARD PAYMENT CAN ONLY BE ACCEPTED IF THE CARD HOLDER MATCHES ONE OF THE PASSENGERS. OTHERWISE THE RESERVATION MUST BE COMPULSORY PAYMENT WITH A BANK TRANSFER. BANK TRANSFER If you wish to pay by bank transfer (bank transfer charges to be paid by the User), simply select the relevant item during the purchase phase and fill in all the required data. The automatic forwarding of the reservation request does not imply the automatic assignment of the seat which must be confirmed by one of our operators subject to availability. ATTENTION: In case of payment by bank transfer, the ticket will be sent ONLY after verification of credit on our current account. NO EXCEPTION WILL BE MADE. Under 4 days from the date of departure (7 days if there are weekends or public holidays), reservations can be made ONLY upon immediate payment. Depending on the selected shipping company and / or the date of departure, a link may be sent to personally charge the amount. Attention: click on the NEXT button in the final screen called "booking", you will be obliged to pay.
RATES / TIMES The costs of the tickets are the official ones issued by the shipping companies and calculated directly by the booking programs of the companies themselves. Ferriesonline.com as an agent cannot in any way increase the official rates of the companies, but applying a reservation fee for each route booked for management costs, and an administrative cost that varies according to the trend of costs incurred. The amount will be indicated on the travel summary page prior to payment. In your interest, Ferriesonline.com is authorized to apply the best available rate at the time the ticket is issued, even if the application of such particularly convenient rates would subsequently make it impossible to change and / or cancel the ticket. We also remind you that the shipping companies can make changes in rates at any time without notice. At the time of booking you will be reconfirmed or not. Any extra transport items attached to the vehicle (such as roof boxes, roof racks, racks) will be subject to additional charges. The reservation may require the passenger to travel by specific dates and times. Failure to comply with them could result in the Company refusing boarding and / or applying additional costs or canceling the booking. The Company may change departure times, check-in times, cancel departures or extend the duration of navigation due to weather and sea conditions, as specified in their terms and conditions. It could also use other ports of departure and / or arrival, as well as use alternative ships and modify services for operational or technical reasons. Ferriesonline.com will not be held responsible under any circumstances for any costs or inconvenience caused as a result of such changes by the Company.
TICKETS ISSUED USING VOUCHER The issuance of a new ticket with the use of VOUCHER obtained by way of reimbursement from a company will result in a charge of € 30.00 for booking fees in addition to administrative costs.
PETS The transport of animals is allowed only if communicated before the booking confirmation. It may incur an additional cost and impose different accommodations than those chosen. Transportation must comply with the legal requirements and conditions dictated by the Company regarding the necessary documents and travel authorizations, and is entirely under the responsibility of the User.
CHANGES AND CANCELLATIONS Any type of cancellation or variation CAN ONLY BE IN WRITING to our e-mail address support@ferriesonline.com, or by fax to 050754402, at least 48 hours before departure. THEREFORE WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED ANY REQUEST FOR CANCELLATION / MODIFICATION MADE BY TELEPHONE. Failure to comply with the above procedure will NOT give the right to a refund of the tickets. In the event of a request for cancellation / variation to be made during the closing time / day of our office, it must be communicated directly to the Shipping Company. The cancellation request presupposes the knowledge for acceptance of the regulations and conditions of transport both of the Shipping Company and of Ferriesonline.com: it will therefore be directly processed WITHOUT any further communication from us other than the confirmation of cancellation with the relative penalties that will be reduced. from the refund. The confirmed booking cannot be changed or cancelled nor the payment refunded, unless otherwise specified in the terms and conditions. In the event of a change (if required by the general conditions of the specific shipping companies), in addition to the penalties of the chosen company, an agency fee of Euro 40.00 + administrative costs equal to 2% - minimum Euro 6.00 will be charged. The cancellation of tickets already issued will be allowed ONLY if provided for by the general conditions of the specific shipping companies and will be subject, in addition to the penalties of the company itself, to the penalty of Ferriesonline.com equal to 15% of the cost of the ticket (minimum 20.00 Euro ). NEITHER AGENCY BOOKING RIGHTS, NOR ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS WILL BE REFUNDED, EVEN AFTER CHANGES TO THE TIME, DATE OR CANCELLATION OF THE DEPARTURE BY THE COMPANY. Special fare tickets may not be refundable. The User must take this into account when making the booking request and, if necessary, consult customer service to choose a rate with favorable conditions for obtaining a possible refund.
CANCELLATION OF PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD Following the communication by the Bank operators of the cancellation of the payment authorization, the recovery times of the credit card limit may vary according to the reference Circuit and are at the discretion of the Bank issuing the Card.
REFUNDS BY BANK TRANSFER In case of payment higher than the one detected compared to the actual cost of the reservation (including rights), the refund of the difference will be made only after the payment is credited to our current account, in a period of time that will not exceed 15 working days . In case of cancellation / change of booking, the refund will be made ONLY after the actual reimbursement of the Shipping Company to our agency, a period which may vary from company to company. REFUND PAYMENT WITH OTHER METHODS The repayment times vary according to the conditions set out in the individual contracts.
CANCELLATION COVERAGE It is possible to purchase a cancellation cover guarantee. Coverage must be selected and purchased at the same time as booking. It cannot be added later. It is not refundable, so it cannot be cancelled. The full conditions are available on the website. To open a claim, contact the service manager.
LIMITS AND LIABILITY Ferriesonline.com acts as an intermediary between the User and the Companies, therefore it does not assume any responsibility for the services offered by the Companies. In the event of our breach of our terms and conditions, we will be liable for loss or damage limited to the price of the booking fee paid to us for the ferry. Ferriesonline.com will not be responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information provided by the Companies, including those relating to prices, timetables or availability. It will also not be responsible for any interruptions in the use of the booking site due to faults, repairs or maintenance of the site, nor for the delay or failure to fulfill its obligations due to uncontrollable events (force majeure, fires, floods, bad weather, explosions, wars, acts of terrorism, labor conflicts, or acts of central or local government or any other competent authority). Ferriesonline.com indemnifies itself from any responsibility in case of failure or partial receipt of the ticket (by fax or e-mail) due to causes not attributable to the same.
PROPERTY RIGHTS Ferriesonline.com is the owner of all intellectual property rights of the website (copyright, design rights, database and trademark rights) and of the material published on it. The User may not use any of these Rights without the express permission of Ferriesonline.com Reviews made after using our service may be made public and used on the Ferriesonline.com website for marketing and promotion purposes, as well as to improve the quality of our services.
PRIVACY AND COOKIES All information on the privacy and cookie policy can be consulted directly on the website and comply with current laws.
DISPUTE RESOLUTION If you have any complaints about the purchased services, please contact us by email in order to find an agreement. It is possible to use out-of-court conciliation to find a solution that is mutually satisfying, in an economical and fast way, using the mediation and conciliation service of the Pisa Chamber of Commerce. To start a mediation / conciliation, please contact the Customer Service or the Conciliation Office of the Pisa Chamber of Commerce by e-mail: conciliazione@pi.camcom.it
AFTER SALES ASSISTANCE In case of need, it will be possible to contact our call center by telephone at no. +44 2039208935 during opening hours. Alternatively, you can contact us by e-mail at support@ferriesonline.com, at Whatsapp number +39 3453456349 or by consulting the FAQ section on our website where you can find the answer to various problems. All requests for assistance received by e-mail or fax outside of opening hours will be processed when the office reopens. For urgent cases, always contact the shipping company for which the ticket was purchased. Thanks and good surfing!

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Customer service 6 days a week

Customer service 6 days a week from Monday to Friday 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM / 3:30 PM - 19:30 PM, Saturday 09:00 AM - 1.00 PM.