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Travel to Iceland and to Faroe Islands with Smyril Line . Smyril Line was founded in 1982 and is today an international company with headquarters in Faroe Islands, Iceland, Denmark and after more than 30 years, is a company that can boast an excellent reputation in the connections between Continental Europe and the North Atlantic Ocean. The ferry M/S Norröna entered in service, with its maiden voyage to Iceland and Faroe Islands , April 7, 2003: has a capacity of 1,482 passengers and 800 cars.

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Iceland is located in the North Atlantic between Greenland and Britain, at northwest of Faroe Islands .
If you are looking for a self-drive holiday, a cruise, or for any other purpose, the journey with Smyril Line , in Iceland and Faroe Islands is the best choice.
The Danish Travel Awards 2012 has entered Smyril Line in the top three most important airlines passenger transport.
The routes served by Smyril Line are: Hirtshals (Denmark) Torshavn (Faroe Islands) , Hirtshals (Denmark) Seyðisfjörður (Iceland) , Torshavn (Faroe Islands) Seyðisfjörður (Iceland) .
Home of Smyril Line is Torshavn in Faroe Islands .
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