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Jadrolinija is the ideal ferry company for those seeking a comfortable and reliable experience to travel to Croatia and its beautiful islands. With a fleet of modern ferries equipped with numerous onboard services, Jadrolinija offers a unique travel experience. Using our portal Ferriesonline.com, booking is simple: select your route, choose the departure date, and compare offers to find the best available price. We recommend booking in advance to benefit from the most advantageous rates and significantly save on your next trip!

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Onboard Services

Jadrolinija offers an excellent travel experience, with numerous services onboard their ships, designed to ensure comfort and satisfaction for all passengers. The fleet's ships are equipped with various accommodation options, from comfortable seats to private internal/external cabins and well-equipped luxury suites, ideal for relaxing during the crossing.

Onboard Jadrolinija's ships, passengers can take advantage of relaxation areas and dining services for a pleasant travel experience. Families with children can enjoy the dedicated play areas, while business travelers will find well-equipped meeting rooms. Shopping enthusiasts can visit the onboard shops, offering a wide selection of products. The restaurants and bars serve a variety of delicious dishes to suit all tastes, while the panoramic terraces allow for stunning sea views during the voyage.

Book in advance to secure the best seats onboard and enjoy all the services at the most convenient price!

Routes, Ports, and Timetables

Jadrolinija connects the main ports of Croatia with numerous routes to meet the needs of every traveler. The main routes include Ancona-Split, Ancona-Zadar, Bari-Dubrovnik, and Dubrovnik-Bari, offering a wide range of options to explore Croatia's beautiful coastline and islands.

With frequent and well-scheduled departures, Jadrolinija ferries offer reliable and punctual service, with both daytime and nighttime schedules for great travel flexibility. Crossing times vary depending on the routes: for example, the Ancona-Split crossing can take approximately 11 hours, while the Ancona-Zadar route has an average duration of 7 hours. The Bari-Dubrovnik crossing, one of the most popular, has an average duration of 10 hours.

Jadrolinija: Prices and Offers

Ticket prices for traveling with Jadrolinija vary based on many factors, including the season, the type of accommodation chosen, and the promotions available at the time of booking. For example, the cost of Jadrolinija ferries for the Ancona-Split route can start from just €50 for an adult in deck passage, while round-trip tickets for a family of four (2 adults and 2 children) with a vehicle onboard can start from €300. For a crossing to Dubrovnik, ticket prices for an adult in deck passage on the Bari-Dubrovnik route can start at around €70, with costs increasing for cabin or seat options and selected extra services.

Often, Jadrolinija offers special deals, such as discounted rates for island residents, reduced prices for children, and flash promotions on specific routes. On our price comparison site Ferriesonline.com, we offer various fare options: from the standard, more economical fare with restrictions on changes and cancellations, to the refundable booking, which allows greater flexibility and the possibility of obtaining refunds in case of cancellation.

All promotions, special discounts, and Jadrolinija offers are automatically applied when booking on our site!

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Booking with Jadrolinija on Ferriesonline.com is the easiest and most convenient way to start your adventure to the most beautiful destinations in Croatia. With all active offers automatically applied at checkout, we guarantee the best available price on international routes. We recommend booking in advance to take advantage of the best available rates.

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