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Venice ► Igoumenitsa
Superfast Anek, ship ASTERION
Wed 10/04 12:00
26h 30m
Venice ► Patras
Superfast Anek, ship ASTERION
Wed 10/04 12:00
Brindisi ► Igoumenitsa
Grimaldi Lines, ship MV_IGOUMENITSA
Wed 10/04 13:00
Ancona ► Igoumenitsa
Superfast Anek, ship Superfast XI
Wed 10/04 15:30
18h 30m
Ancona ► Patras
Superfast Anek, ship Superfast XI
Wed 10/04 15:30
Bari ► Patras
Superfast Anek, ship SUPERFAST II
Wed 10/04 19:30
17h 30m
Bari ► Igoumenitsa
Superfast Anek, ship SUPERFAST II
Wed 10/04 19:30
Ancona ► Igoumenitsa
Minoan Lines - Grecia, ship VENEZIA
Wed 10/04 19:30
22h 30m
Brindisi ► Igoumenitsa
Grimaldi Lines, ship MN_KYDON_PALACE
Wed 10/04 22:00
Brindisi ► Igoumenitsa
Grimaldi Lines, ship MV_IGOUMENITSA
Thu 10/05 13:00

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Greece is the perfect place to reach by ferry for a heavenly vacation. Its wonderful islands, its unmistakable sea and its beautiful beaches make it a very popular tourist destination. Greece is white and blue, in a contrast that fills the eyes: white houses and an incredible deep blue sea. Greece is history: a cultural holiday to be experienced between the metropolis of Athens and the numerous archaeological sites scattered throughout the territory. Greece is classical art: sculptures, statues and artifacts to be discovered in the numerous museums. Greece is beauty in all its forms.

How can you reach Greece by ferry?

Ferriesonline.com offers you a wide variety of Italy Greece ferries with active departures all year round from Ancona, Bari, Brindisi and Venice, and destination the main ports of Patras and Igoumenitsa. The companies that serve the Greece ferry lines are: Superfast Anek, Minoan Lines - Grecia and Grimaldi Lines. All connections are operated by modern Greece ferries with various accommodations to travel comfortably and with all the amenities you desire. With some companies it is possible to travel with your own camper with the Camping on Board formula. The shortest routes of the Greece ferries are Bari-Patras, Bari-Igoumenitsa, operated by Superfast Anek, and Brindisi-Patras and Brindisi-Igoumenitsa served by the Grimaldi Lines Company from the port of Brindisi. From the port of Ancona connections with Greece ferries are made on the Ancona-Patras, Ancona-Igoumenitsa routes. The Superfast Anek company operates three times a week between Venice-Patras in 33 hours and Venice-Igoumenitsa in 27 hours. In addition, numerous ferries connect the small islands of Greece every day.

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Companies that cover the destination : Greece

Minoan Lines - Grecia, Red Star Ferries, Ventouris Ferries, Superfast Anek, Grimaldi Lines

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