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Ichnusa Lines

Book your ferry to Sardinia and Corsica with Ichnusa Lines

Ichnusa Lines offers a maritime connection service between Bonifacio in Corsica and Santa Teresa di Gallura in Sardinia, allowing you to explore both beautiful destinations with ease and comfort. With daily departures, you can plan your trip according to your needs and enjoy a pleasant and relaxing crossing. Book in advance to not miss out on the most convenient offers and travel by ferry at the best price.

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Onboard Services

The maritime company Ichnusa Lines is committed to ensuring a comfortable and safe travel experience for all passengers. Onboard their ferries, you'll find a range of services designed to make your journey enjoyable. From comfortable accommodations in deck passage to bars serving delicious food and drinks, you'll have everything you need for a stress-free trip. Additionally, services such as TV and Wi-Fi are available, allowing you to stay connected throughout the journey. All vehicles can be transported onboard in the spacious ship garages, including cars, motorcycles, bicycles, campers, and trailers.

Routes, Ports, and Timetables

Ichnusa Lines' maritime route connects the port of Santa Teresa di Gallura, located in the north of Sardinia, with Bonifacio, one of the most charming cities in southern Corsica. Daily departures from both ports allow for unparalleled travel flexibility, allowing you to plan your vacation according to your desires and schedule. The crossing time is approximately 50 minutes, making the journey fast and easy for all passengers. Departures are frequent and well-scheduled to meet the needs of passengers, with daytime and nighttime schedules allowing for flexible travel planning.

Ichnusa Lines: Prices and Offers

The prices of tickets purchased with Ichnusa Lines depend on various factors, including the season, type of accommodation, and promotions available at the time of booking. The cost of the ferry for the crossing from Santa Teresa di Gallura to Bonifacio and vice versa can start from €40 for an adult in deck passage.

Promotions and special offers may be available for children, groups, and advance bookings. On Ferriesonline.com, you'll find various fare options, from standard to refundable bookings, all with competitive prices automatically applied at the time of online booking.

Book with Ichnusa Lines on Ferriesonline.com

Booking your ferry to Sardinia and Corsica with Ichnusa Lines on Ferriesonline.com is quick, easy, and convenient. With our real-time updated offers, you can easily find the best available price for crossings between Santa Teresa di Gallura and Bonifacio. Don't waste time, book now and start your adventure. Happy travels!


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