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Why visit Denmark?

Denmark is located north of Germany, southwest of Sweden and south of Norway, overlooking the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. With its combination of natural wonders and historical riches, it represents one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Its royal families have a very ancient history, in the wake of the Viking dynasties. I could relive it by visiting the 12 beautiful castles located along the peninsula. The capital Copenhagen with its Tivoli Gardens, one of the two oldest amusement parks in the world, is the main tourist destination in the country. In cities as in all of Denmark, the bicycle is the most used means of transport. If you are a cycling lover, you will have 12,000 km of cycle paths at your disposal. The country with the oldest flag on the globe was declared the happiest in the world. Perhaps thanks also to its proximity to the sea: there is no point from which you cannot see the ocean! The relaxed pace of its 444 islands represents the ideal destination for a relaxing holiday. And if you are looking for unique and breathtaking nature experiences, further north, immersed in the Atlantic Ocean, you will find the Faroe Islands. The destination for you! Denmark is an important connecting bridge for Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

Which destinations can you reach by ferry from Denmark?

From Denmark there are connections to Iceland served by the Smyril Line company on the Hirtshals-Seydisfjordur route. The same company makes a stop in the Faroe Islands with the Hirtshals-Torshavn connection. The FjordLine instead manages the Denmark-Norway connections on the Hirtshals-Stavanger route.

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Companies that cover the destination : Denmark

FjordLine, Smyril Line