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Why visit Norway?

Norway is the northernmost European state and occupies the westernmost part of the Scandinavian peninsula. It borders the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Skagerrak to the south, the Norwegian Sea to the west, Sweden to the east and Russia and Finland to the north-east. Norway also includes the Svalbard Islands, one of the northernmost territories in the world. From modern cities to sparkling fjords, from the Northern Lights to remote villages beyond the Arctic Circle, Norway is a country full of things to see. In summer the days are very long, ideal for excursions to discover nature in a pleasant climate. Winter, on the other hand, punctuated by harsh temperatures and abundant snowfall, can be a magical and unique moment if you are lucky enough to catch the spectacle of the Northern Lights. Norway is connected by ferry all year round to Sweden and Denmark.

How can you reach Norway by ferry?

For Norway there are connections from Denmark served by the company FjordLine on the Hirtshals-Stavanger route. The same company connects Norway to Sweden by ferry on the Stroemstad-Sandefjord route.

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