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Information about Marsala
0 information about Marsala 2 Marsala, city of history, wine and sea, offers many attractions for its visitors It is a city of great charm is when you look at it from above, arriving with an airplane, whether it can be reached by sea or by land The Punic ship, the Archaeological Park with its precious relics, the historic landing of Garibaldi with its thousand, the old town, nice and cosy, with its monuments, churches, museums tell the story of a city with an important and prestigious past Marsala is also the city of wine Historical establishments and new companies have produced and produce, with passion and skill, great white, red and dessert wines, such as the Grand noble wine doc Marsala, known worldwide Beach City, Marsala With the unspoilt Stagnone lagoon and the islands of Mozia, Scola, Santa Maria and Long, with its beaches of fine white sand, clear sea, where diving is a unique and unrepeatable feeling Marsala is a city of culture and traditions, full of events to be enjoyed throughout the year, through historical and archaeological, art tours, concerts, exhibitions and events, but is also a city of taste and food with its flavours and its typical food, fruit of the best local tradition


Information about Marettimo
Marettimo (Marètamu in Sicilian) is an island of Italy belonging to the archipelago of the Egadi Islands, in Sicily.
It is the westernmost of the Egadi and is located in the town of Marèttimo, a hamlet of Favignana, an Italian town in the province of Trapani in Sicily.