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Donousa is an island of the small Cyclades. It is 9 nautical miles from Naxos and is surrounded by rocks and islets.
Donousa was inhabited in the Archaic era as excavations have shown in the Myti Achtià and Vathi Limenari locations. During the Roman era it was a place of confinement. Virgil refers to the island in the Aeneid. In the Middle Ages it was a den of pirates.
According to mythology it was the place where Dionysus hid Arianna when Theseus abandoned him to Naxos.
From an administrative point of view it is a former community of Greece in the suburbs of the southern Aegean (peripheral unit of Naxos) with 163 inhabitants.
It was abolished as a result of the administrative reform, called the Callicrate Program, in force since January 2011 and is now included in the municipality of Naxos and Little Cyclades.
The main center of the island is Stavros or Kampos. Other centers are Trulos, Mesarià or Charavy, Mersini and Kalotaritissa. Despite its small size and the fact that it is beaten by strong winds, Donousa boasts some tourist presences coming mostly from Northern Europe.

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