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Tripoli is the capital and the most populous city of Libya with 1.13 million inhabitants in 2014. The city is located in the northwestern part of the country on the edge of the desert, on a part of rocky land that extends into the Mediterranean Sea and forms a bay. The city was founded in the seventh century BC from the Phoenicians, who called it Oea.
The climate is typically Mediterranean, with hot and dry summers, mild winters and moderate rainfall. Its climate is sometimes influenced by winds from the Sahara.
Exceptionally snowfalls occurred in 1792, 1826, February 1915, February 6, 1956 and February 6, 2012.
Tripoli is located at the western end of Libya near the border with Tunisia, on the African continent. Over a thousand kilometers separates Tripoli from the second largest city of Libya, Benghazi. Coastal oases alternate with sandy areas and lagoons along the coast of Tripolitania, for more than 300 kilometers.
Until 2007, the "Sha'biyya" included the city, its suburbs and their immediate surroundings. In the oldest administrative systems, and throughout history, there existed a province, a district or city-state, with a much larger surface (even if the boundaries were not constant), which it is sometimes erroneously referred to as Tripoli, but more appropriately it should be called Tripolitania.
Tripoli is the most populous city, the main seaport and the largest commercial and manufacturing center of Libya. It is also home to the national government and the Al-Fateh University.
The main manufacturing industries operate in the sectors of food processing, textiles, building materials, clothing and tobacco products.

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