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Information about Arbatax
0 information about Arbatax 2 Arbatax Harbour overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea and is located in the little town of Ogliastra in Sardinia The port, served exclusively by company Tirrenia, was recently expanded to allow the berthing of ferries higher tonnage and connects several times a week the lines Arbatax Civitavecchia and Genoa, Arbatax

Albatrax originally is a small fishing village who moved to Sardinia from the island of Ponza
The meaning of his name is derived from the Arabic fourteen, it appears to be due to the presence of the 14th Watch Tower located throughout the Sardinian coast
This belief is not supported by the existence of evidence of the Arab presence in that area
Today Arbatax no longer has the characteristics of small fishing village, in fact following the rise of factories and the nearby coastal areas, has become a fraction of the municipality of Tortolì
The port of Arbatax regained its importance becoming from fishing village to important connecting the Centre of Sardinia with the ports of Genoa and Civitavecchia
This gave way to raise awareness of the neighboring Tortolì and Ogliastra


Cagliari is an Italian town of 154 224 inhabitants, the capital of the autonomous region of Sardinia and the main center of its metropolitan city, including, in addition to the capital, other towns and suburbs and several hinterland centers, for a total of 17 municipalities and 431 741 inhabitants.
University and archiepiscopal seat and city with a history of several thousand years, is the historical administrative center of the island having been, under the name of Caralis, capital of the province of Sardinia and Corsica during the Roman period and later the capital of the Kingdom of Sardinia, from 1324 to 1720 , and then from 1798 to 1814. Its port is classified "international" because of its importance; carries out commercial, industrial, tourist and service functions for passengers.