The promotion Inside Cabin Zero Euro provides for the free of charge of the supplement related to the accommodation in the internal cabin, subject to availability. The basic fee and the fixed fee for each passenger are always due.

Validity of offer:
The offer is valid for bookings made from 21 September to 9 October 2022 for selected daily departures from 21 September to 18 December 2022 on the following routes to/from Sardinia:

  • Livorno - Olbia exclusively for daytime (departures at 10:30);

  • Olbia - Livorno exclusively for daytime (departures at 10:30).

How to apply the offer:
The offer, where available, applies only to the fee for the accommodation in the internal cabin; it does not apply to fixed fees, nor to the vehicle in tow, nor to animals, nor to other types of accommodation. It does not apply to on-board services, nor to insurance. The discount is automatically obtained by selecting the accommodation inside the cabin and choosing to book at the special tariff level.

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