Tallink Siljia Line Ferries to Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia

Tallink Silja Line takes you to the Baltic with its modern ships and routes to Sweden Finland, Estonia and Latvia. Tallink Sillja Line takes you from Helsinki to Tallinn, from Turku to Mariehamn and Stockholm and from Stockholm to Riga. Discover with us the most beautiful routes in the Baltic Sea! You have up to 7 daily departures from Tallinn to Helsinki, evening departures from Stockholm to Tallinn and Stockholm Helsinki where you can visit the beautiful city of Helsinki with its Design District or visit one of Finland's most beautiful fortresses Suomenlinna which attracts over 700,000 visitors a year and where the ships Serenade and Silja Symphony pass by every day. Departing or arriving in Turku you can also visit Naantali or stop in the Aland Islands to visit the capital Mariehamn on your way to Stockholm in Sweden. By contacting our booking centre by phone, you can also book Tallink Siljia's own hotels in the various destinations. Travel with us with Tallink Siljia Line to discover the Baltic!

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