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Book online Tallink Silja at the best rate with ferriesonline.com TALLINK SILJA`S GENERAL AGENT FOR ITALY Specialists . Tallink Silja offers connections to major destinations in the Baltic Sea, including: Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Aland Islands . Timetables and rates of ferries Rostock - Helsinki , Stockholm - Riga , Helsinki - Tallinn , Stockholm - Tallinn , Stockholm-Turku , Stockholm - Helsinki , Kapellskar Turku .

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Tallink Silja Group AS is the shipping company leader of the Baltic Sea in transporting passengers. The 21 ships of Silja Line and Tallink offer to their customers the service for the entire Baltic Sea region all year. The fleet Tallink Silja , also offers luxurious and exciting cruises to and from Finland all year. Breathtaking views, spectacular medieval towns transformed today in modern city with many attractions, events as well as frantic shopping. Stylish accommodation, many restaurants, shopping in duty free shops, international entertainment, as well as a real casino atmosphere awaits you on board ..... Top quality at your service!
The Company Tallink Silja is also famous for its love ships in service from Tallinn (Estonia) to Stockholm (Sweden) .
Ships of the Tallink Silja are all modern and are constantly updated, the last update was given to Silja Symphony. In August 2015 it has been put on line the Baltic Queen ship on the crossing Helsinki (Finland) - Tallinn (Estonia) .
All ships of the company Tallink Silja Line offer a fine restaurant service complemented by a wide selection of bars and night clubs where you can listen to the latest always trendy songs. On board of ships Tallink Silja there are also areas with sauna separate for men and women to help you relax during the crossing. For children, the ships Tallink Silja Line offer large spaces equipped with Play Station to spend the time of the crossing in complete relaxation and enjoyment. All ships Tallink Silja have supermarkets, boutiques, kids shops and cosmetic boutiques.
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