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Ortona is an Italian municipality of 23 177 inhabitants in the province of Chieti in Abruzzo. It is the fifth provincial municipality by territorial extension.

The ancient history of the city dates back to the people of Frentani, who used the commercial port as the main economic source of the territory. Roman city from the beginning of the III century a.C. until the fifth century, it was occupied, after the fall of the Roman Empire of the West, first by the Goths, then by the Byzantines, by the Lombards and finally by the Normans who burned it (XI century). Risen in the Swabian era it returned to flourish economically. In 1258 the city permanently housed in the Cathedral the relics of St. Thomas the Apostle, becoming a point of reference in the religious field. After various battles with the rival city of Lanciano, Ortona passed into the hands of Jacopo Caldora who rebuilt the walls. It was a city dear to Margaret of Austria, who built Palazzo Farnese (second half of the 16th century).

During the nineteenth century it was culturally represented by Francesco Paolo Tosti and Gabriele D'Annunzio. During the Second World War Ortona became head of the Gustav line, with the extreme opposite to Cassino, and between 21-28 December 1943, with the "battle of Ortona" lived one of the saddest and most tragic periods of its history, with the destruction of much of the city center for urban warfare between Germans and Canadians.

Today the city is strongly developed and rebuilt, the main maritime port of the Abruzzi region with its port, as well as for several times decorated with the Blue Flag.

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