The Concert of Vasco Rossi will be held in Cagliari on June 18, offers the possibility to book the GNV ferry that will depart from Genoa and will see on board events dedicated to the concert with DJ post concert set in the most suggestive salons, dedicated merchandising, screenings of historical films by Vasco and many other surprises.
The ship was completely wrapped up with the image of Komandante on the sides to dedicate it to the event of the year!
Get ready to experience a whole experience dedicated to Blasco.
The departure is scheduled from Genoa on June 17th at 6.00 pm with arrival in Cagliari on June 19th at 12.00 pm with overnight stay on board on the nights of June 17th and 18th with a fee starting from 175 euros for one-way travelers and 350 euros for those who will make the round-trip journey overnight on board from 17 to 20 June.
Passengers will be able to get on and off the ship only on foot and if they have a boarding pass / transit card
Those who purchase the ANDATA only formula can decide whether to take advantage of the stay on board on 18/06 (to be confirmed at the ship's reception to receive the Transit Card).
 You can leave your luggage on board during your stay in Cagliari. It is mandatory to have a valid ID for boarding. The crossing time to reach Cagliari is 18 hours for the outward journey while for the return journey it is 24 hours due to the call at Porto Torres.
Book now on, the ticket to reach Cagliari on board the ship dedicated to the Blasco!