Cruise Sardegna Grimaldi: Interior Photos, Cabins, Services

Cruise Sardegna Grimaldi

The majestic Cruise Sardegna by the renowned maritime company Grimaldi Lines is the ship that connects Italy to Sardinia on the routes Livorno-Olbia and Olbia-Livorno. On board this ship, the journey to Sardinia turns into an unprecedented experience, combining the convenience of a ferry with the luxury and entertainment of a real cruise. With first-class dining services, entertainment facilities for adults and children, a luxurious spa with whirlpool and Turkish bath for relaxation, and a disco for themed evenings, the Cruise Sardegna offers its passengers an unforgettable experience.

Are you ready to discover this splendid ship? In this article, we will show you the photos of the interior of the Cruise Sardegna to explore the cabins, onboard services, and every corner of the ship before departing for your vacation. And if you wish to book your next trip with Grimaldi, click below and find the best price!


Internal, External, and Suite Cabins

On board the Grimaldi Lines Cruise Sardegna, you will find a variety of comfortable cabins designed to meet the needs of every passenger. Regardless of the choice, each cabin is designed to offer maximum comfort and relaxation during the journey on the Livorno-Olbia and Olbia-Livorno lines. Here are the cabins and luxury suites in detail:

  • Internal and External Cabins: Our cabins are available both internally and externally and offer accommodation for 2, 3, or 4 people, with or without portholes. Each cabin is equipped with internal facilities with shower, power outlets, and toiletries to ensure a comfortable stay.

  • Junior Suite: Junior Suites offer a more spacious accommodation solution than standard cabins. Available in versions for 3, 4, or 5 people, Junior Suites are equipped with portholes, a double bed, and a bunk bed sofa. In addition to internal facilities with shower, Junior Suites also include television, telephone, and a mini-fridge for an even more comfortable stay.

  • Owner’s Suite: Owner’s Suites represent the ultimate expression of luxury on board. Characterized by spacious areas and a bathroom with a whirlpool shower, Owner’s Suites offer a true comfort experience. Equipped with the same amenities as Junior Suites, Owner’s Suites can also feature a separate sitting area, creating a distinctive and refined environment.

  • Accessible Cabins: These cabins are specially designed to accommodate passengers with reduced mobility. With a layout tailored to specific needs, these cabins offer comfort and accessibility without compromise.

Onboard Services

The Grimaldi Lines Cruise Sardegna stands out from other ferries for the wide range of services and entertainment offered on board. You will not find yourself on board a simple means of transportation, but rather in an environment that promises entertainment, comfort, and relaxation. On this ferry, the option for relaxation is always at your fingertips. Here are all the onboard services in detail:

  • Swimming Pool: During the warmer months, you can enjoy moments of relaxation at the pool on the outdoor deck.

  • Spa: Indulge yourself in the luxurious spa, complete with sauna, Turkish bath, Jacuzzi, massage and beauty treatment lounges, tri-facial lamps, and solar showers for a moment of pure tranquility.

  • Gym: For those who wish to stay in shape even while traveling, the gym is equipped with Technogym equipment, ensuring a professional training experience.

  • Club: The Club is the perfect place to spend unforgettable evenings with events and live shows organized by Grimaldi.

  • Disco: The liveliest evenings come to life in our onboard disco, where you can dance to the rhythm of music and experience moments of pure fun in a lively and engaging atmosphere.

  • Kids' Areas: These equipped areas allow children to have fun in total safety, allowing parents to relax and enjoy the journey worry-free.

  • Video Game Room: For video game enthusiasts, the game room offers a wide selection of games to entertain passengers of all ages.

  • Meeting Room: Finally, for business travelers, the ship has a fully equipped conference room, ideal for meetings, conferences, or presentations in a professional and comfortable environment.

As for the dining services on board, the Cruise Sardegna offers a variety of gastronomic options to satisfy every palate. From Self-Service halls to the à la Carte restaurant, where passengers can enjoy delicious dishes prepared with fresh and high-quality ingredients. The cafeterias located both on outdoor and indoor decks offer a wide selection of drinks and quick snacks to satisfy the cravings of every passenger.

Cruise Sardegna: Interior Photos

Are you ready to discover the interior photos of the Cruise Sardegna by Grimaldi Lines? Below you will find pictures of the common areas, restaurants, interior cabins, and all the services you will find on board the ship.

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