Ferry to Sweden Price: How Much Does the Ticket Cost?

How Much Does the Ferry to Sweden Cost?

Sweden, with its breathtaking natural beauty, charming historic cities, and rich culture, attracts numerous travelers from across Europe. In this article, we'll explore together what the costs of ferry tickets to Sweden are, offering a detailed overview of fares for the most popular routes, taking into account seasonal variations and different travel options available.

Ferry Prices to Sweden

The costs of ferry tickets to Sweden can vary significantly based on various factors, including the season, departure port, type of onboard accommodation, and chosen ferry company. On average, ticket prices can range from €50 to €200 per person for a seat-only crossing, while traveling in a cabin can cost from €100 to €400. If traveling with the whole family and a vehicle, the total cost for 2 adults and 2 children in a cabin can vary from €200 to €800.

Seasonality can greatly influence prices, with fares typically higher during the summer months when demand is higher. To save on ferry travel, it's possible to book in advance using online price comparison platforms like Traghetti.com, compare offers from different ferry companies, and take advantage of discounts for budget-friendly travel.

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Details on Ticket Costs

Swedish ports offer connections to various European destinations, including countries like Finland, Norway, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, and Denmark. Ticket fares may vary depending on the route and season. Here are the details of the costs.

Routes from Finnish ports of Turku and Naantali to Stockholm, and from Langnas in the Åland Islands to Stockholm and Kapellskar, offer convenient options for travelers from Finland. Prices can range from €50 to €150 per person depending on the selected travel options during booking and the duration of the crossing.

From Denmark, travelers can reach Sweden from Grenaa to Halmstad and from Frederikshavn to Gothenburg. Routes from Norway, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, and other countries also offer various options for travelers heading to Sweden, with prices ranging from €60 to €200 per person depending on the company, route, crossing time, and chosen onboard accommodation.

The fastest route to reach Sweden is from Sandefjord in Norway to Strömstad. This route takes only 2-3 hours, making it one of the fastest options for crossing the sea and reaching Sweden. However, prices for this route may be slightly higher compared to other longer routes, ranging from €50 to €120 per person depending on the season and selected accommodation options.

The most economical route to reach Sweden by ferry is the route from Paldiski in Estonia to Kapellskar. This route offers a convenient option for travelers from Estonia wishing to reach Sweden. Prices for this crossing can range from €40 to €100 per person depending on the season and selected accommodation options. The route from Paldiski to Kapellskar is favored by travelers from across Europe for its convenience and value for money, as well as its relatively short duration, which is usually about 8-10 hours.

If traveling with a camper, van, caravan, or trailer, ticket costs may be higher due to the larger size and additional space requirements. In this case as well, it is advisable to take advantage of periodic discounts and promotions offered by ferry companies to book tickets at a discounted price.

Book the Ferry at the Best Price

Booking in advance and comparing fares is crucial to getting the best price for your ferry journey to Sweden. By choosing the options that best suit your needs, you can enjoy a wonderful crossing on the sea to this splendid Northern European nation. Happy travels!


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