Ferry Prices to England: How Much Does the Ticket Costs?

How Much Does the Ferry to England Cost?

England is a highly sought-after European destination for travelers and tourists from around the world. In this article, we will delve into the costs of ferry tickets to England, providing a detailed overview of fares for the most popular routes, taking into account seasonal variations and different travel options available.

Ferry Prices to England

Ticket prices can vary significantly depending on the season, departure port, and onboard accommodation. Roughly, the price of ferry tickets to England ranges from €40-€60 per person for passage deck, and from €80-€150 when traveling in a cabin. Costs significantly decrease when traveling in a group, with friends or family, for instance, booking a cabin for 4 people could total around €250-€300.

The price primarily depends on the onboard accommodation, departure date, and company fares. For this reason, we recommend booking tickets on Ferriesonline.com, the price comparison platform that compares offers to England from the best maritime companies to help you find the best available price.

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How much do tickets cost?

Ferry routes to England are varied and offer direct connections with various European ports. Among the most important British ports are Dover, Portsmouth, Newhaven, and Plymouth, providing access to the island from various European countries.

Departing from France, travelers can find numerous routes connecting French ports such as Caen, Le Havre, St Malo, Cherbourg, and Roscoff to various destinations in England. Channel routes, like those from Caen and Le Havre to Portsmouth, are particularly popular for their convenience and accessibility. Prices for these routes can vary from €50 to €100 per person for the passage without a cabin, while cabins can cost from €100 to €200 per night.

The route from Belgium connects the port of Dunkirk to the English port of Dover, offering an efficient travel option across the English Channel. Prices for this route can range from €40 to €80 per person for the passage on the deck, with an additional supplement for cabins.

The Netherlands also offers significant sea connections to England. Routes from Hook of Holland to Harwich and from Amsterdam to Newcastle represent vital ways for passenger transport between these two countries. Prices for these routes can vary from €60 to €120 per person, depending on the season and chosen travel options.

From Ireland, maritime routes provide an important connection with the United Kingdom, facilitating travel between the two islands. Routes from Belfast to Liverpool, from Dublin to Holyhead, and from Rosslare to Fishguard are important connections for travelers from Ireland. Prices for these routes can vary from €50 to €100 per person, depending on the duration of the crossing and accommodation options.

Finally, maritime routes from Spain provide an important connection between the Iberian Peninsula and the United Kingdom. Spanish ports such as Bilbao and Santander offer direct connections to Portsmouth and Plymouth. Prices for these routes can vary from €150 to €300 per person, depending on the season and accommodation options.

Book the Ferry at the Best Price

To book tickets at the best price for your ferry trip to England, it's advisable to book in advance and compare offers from different shipping companies. Websites like Ferriesonline.com offer a convenient price comparison tool that allows you to compare fares and travel options on a single platform, making it easy to find the most affordable solution for your needs. Happy travels!


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