Genoa-Olbia Ferry Prices

Welcome to, your online price comparison site to find the most convenient prices by comparing the offers from the best maritime companies in one place. If you're looking to find out how much it costs to take the ferry from Genoa to Olbia to reach Sardinia from Italy, and vice versa, you're in the right place! Discover the low-cost ticket prices from the various maritime companies that operate on this route all year round and find the best deal.

How much does the Genoa-Olbia Ferry cost?

The ferry companies offer various accommodation options on board, including deck passage, seats, internal/external cabins, or luxury suites, each with its own price depending on the season and availability. For example, on the Genoa-Olbia route, a deck passage ticket can start from €49 per person in low season.

For two adults in seats with a vehicle on board, prices start from €129. For those seeking a bit more comfort, an internal cabin might be the ideal choice, with prices starting from €195 for a family of 4 in a quadruple cabin.

If you are looking for a luxury experience, a suite might be available starting from €320. Finally, for boarding a car, the additional cost might be around €35, while for a camper, it might be around €60.    

Genoa-Olbia Ferry Prices

On average, the prices of tickets for the Genoa-Olbia ferries with different maritime companies cost:

  • €49 - €75 per person for Deck Passage
  • €70 - €89 per person for Seats
  • €90 - €109 for Internal Cabins (double, triple, quadruple)
  • €100 - €159 for External Cabins (double, triple, quadruple)
  • €320 - €520 for Luxury Suites (double, triple, quadruple)
  • €30 - €40 supplement for Standard Car boarding
  • €50 - €70 supplement for Camper boarding

The cost of tickets from Genoa to Olbia and vice versa can be subject to special offers and discounts up to 30%, 40%, 50% depending on the promotions active on Compare the offers from the best companies and book your ferry at the best price!   






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