The new offer provides a 30% discount on the rates for deck passage, ship, accommodation, vehicle and pets for all connections to and from Greece, Sardinia, Spain, Sicily and Malta.
The offer is valid for bookings made from 30 January to 31 March and for departures from 01 February to 14 June and from 16 September to 20 December. During the summer, the Advance booking offer remains active with a 20% reduction.
- Cumulability of the offer
The promotion can be combined with the other offers active at the time of booking, with the agreements / partnerships / other discount codes and with the Sardi Doc and Siciliani Doc resident rates.
- Cancellation and variation of tickets
The discount is not retroactive: it only applies to new bookings and does not apply to tickets whose first issue took place prior to the start of the offer.
Tickets issued are non-refundable but can be changed under the current conditions.
Special rates are subject to availability and are subject to change.
Book now to not miss the new unrepeatable Grimaldi proposal