From 14 September the serological (IgG and IgM) or molecular (RNA) or rapid antigenic test performed no later than 48 hours before departure is mandatory. It will be presented at boarding before departure for Sardinia. It will also be possible to carry out self-certification pursuant to Presidential Decree 455/2000, proving that, in the 48 hours prior to entering the regional territory, a serological, molecular or antigen test, the result of which was negative, must be indicated. : a) the type of test performed and the date of execution; b) the name of the public or private accredited facility where the test was carried out. Alternatively and on a transitional basis, passengers who arrive on the regional territory without the necessary certification, agree to undergo a molecular or antigenic test, to be carried out by means of a swab within 48 hours of entering the territory of the region by the Health Authority of competence and to remain in fiduciary isolation until the outcome of the test unless otherwise specified by the competent Health Authority. There is also the obligation to notify the competent health authority of the entry into the regional territory.