Germany Covid - 19 updated to 20/01/2021:
Due to the increase in Covid 19 infections in the country, Germany has established, starting from November 2, the adoption of further restrictive measures at the national level. Also from 2 November, overnight stays for tourism in Germany are prohibited. Local authorities also recommend giving up unnecessary travel (including any visits to relatives). The German Ministry of Health has ordered the introduction of mandatory health checks for all those who have stayed in the 10 days prior to entering Germany in one of the areas considered "at risk" by the Robert Koch Institut. Several European countries are considered risk areas.
The list of "at risk" areas can be consulted


(the site is in German, but with the possibility of downloading the current lists in English).

All those who in the 10 days prior to entering Germany went to areas considered "at risk" must report their entry by registering online on the portal:

Registration of passengers arriving in Germany.

The only exceptions to the registration obligation concern cases of transit (in a risk area or in Germany), cases of entry from the border area for less than 24 hours or those of entry for the transport of goods or people. All those who in the 10 days prior to entering Germany went to areas at risk must also respect (except in cases of exemption) a 10-day quarantine period. This period of isolation can be interrupted in the event of a negative result for a swab, which can however only be carried out starting from the fifth day after entering the country. The ordinances of the Länder provide for a series of cases of exemption from this obligation: the exemption can be total (for example, anyone who enters to visit first degree relatives or their partner for less than 72 years is completely exempt from quarantine hours) or partial (in cases of partial exemption, it is necessary to present a negative swab taken in the 48 hours prior to entry or to undergo a swab on arrival and remain in quarantine until the negative result).

ATTENTION: On January 5, the Federal Government and the Länder announced their intention to add a general buffer requirement to this quarantine obligation. That is, anyone entering Germany must present a negative swab (molecular or antigenic) carried out within 48 hours prior to entry into Germany or undergo the swab upon arrival. This obligation will not replace that of the quarantine, but will be additional (except in cases of exemption, people must present a negative swab upon arrival, and then still respect the quarantine, which they can interrupt with another test only starting from the 5th day). This decision should be implemented by 11 January by the Länder in their ordinances (but to find out if the new obligation is in force, it is necessary to consult the specific ordinance of the Land of destination).

We advise you to always check for any changes in legislation before leaving on the website of the embassy of your country in Germany.