All you need to know that before leaving for Sardinia, in compliance with the containment measures adopted by the Government to combat the risks of contagion from Covid 19. The companies take into account the provisions of the Government relating to the shared regulatory protocol for containment the spread of Covid - 19 in the passenger transport sector - phase 2 - May 2020.
What does the protocol involve?
The first part of the protocol to counter the spread of the infection is the sanitization of vessels which is carried out with professional atomizers or with high-temperature steam systems to sanitize all contact surfaces such as cleaning furniture, handles, doors and surfaces in the public environments.
Before embarking, you must put on a mask and wear it for the entire duration of the trip; on board, the distance of 1 meter between people must be maintained from the moment of boarding or accessing the catering areas, corridors, escalators and garages. To access the armchairs room there is a quota for which there will be a safety distance of one meter with seats not facing or next to each other and marked with appropriate signs. Play areas for children and the cinema are closed on board.
During navigation, through special announcements, the behavioral rules are remembered. To access the common areas it is necessary to sanitize your hands in the special dispenser columns with sanitizing product. The ventilation or air conditioning systems must operate in such a way as to provide 100% renewal of the air in the premises. Use of certified disinfectant products such as medical-hospital aids and / or products with an alcohol or chlorine base.

In addition to containment and sanitizzazioni measures, the companies have changed their ticket sales policy also with promotional rates, making them modifiable, callable without penalty up to 48 hours before departure or usable also in 2022.

You can read the individual posts dedicated to sales regulations on our
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