MALTA: COVID-19. Update 15/02/2021:
A list of destinations has been drawn up and will be updated weekly. A
AMBER LIST : passengers coming from these places must present a COVID test certificate (swab) with negative result carried out in the 72 hours prior to entering Malta.
All travelers from all Italian airports (excluding Sicily and Sardinia) must comply with the above rules and present a COVID test certificate with negative result within 72 hours prior to entry to Malta. All the updates and the AMBER List are available on the website

Upon arrival in Malta, travelers will be screened to measure the temperature. Arriving people will be asked to fill in a document with which they will declare their movements in the previous 30 days. In particular, passengers will be asked to confirm that they have not traveled to any country other than those listed in the AMBER List.
Those arriving from destinations other than those listed, unless they can prove that they have been for a period of fourteen days in one of the aforementioned destinations, will have to carry out a two-week quarantine period at their own expense starting from the arrival in Malta.
Also for this reason, airports in Malta aimed at reaching other locations including Italian ones are absolutely not recommended.
The Maltese authorities recommend, in case of exposure to possible infections and in the presence of symptoms of COVID-19, NOT to go to the hospital or to your doctor or other health facilities, but to stay in your home and contact the number emergency call +356 111.

Please note the following site with the information provided by the Maltese authorities about the measures implemented: mt / en / health-promotion / covid-19 / Pages / landing-page.aspx

For more information, visit the website of the Embassy of Italy in Valletta, in the News and Press Releases section:

Embassy of Italy Valletta