For tickets issued from March 4 and until March 30, 2020 with departure from March 4 to September 30, in case of cancellation by May 31 and in any case up to 3 days before departure, the penalty will be refunded by recognizing a bonus of equal amount to be used for a future trip.
The Bonus cannot be exchanged between the group companies and can be used by 30 September 2020 on any line of the Company. The voucher can only be used on new purchases and which have a value, net of taxes, fees and fees, equal to or greater than the value of the bonus issued. The initiative is not retroactive and is valid only for the purchase of individual tickets and not for changes and can also be used for tickets at a special rate. The bonus will be recognized to the original ticket holder and cannot be transferred to third parties. In case of cancellation after May 31, 2020, no bonus will be recognized.